Unconventional Blessing # 1

~To kick off November’s series theme of Unconventional Blessings, I wanted to talk about one “blessing” that may just be my secret weapon.

Are you ready? Here goes…

#1:       I have a big mouth. 😀

I talk a lot! I always have an opinion and even if I’m unfamiliar with a topic, I can still carry on a lengthy conversation about all the ways I am uninformed. To top it off, I speak (or yell, as my husband says) very loudly because I have no volume control. In my defense, I do not think I talk loudly or yell. I feel more comfortable categorizing myself as a “passionate person”.

Now, I’m not boasting about what an amazing speaker I am, although being married to an introvert should give me some extra credit points, or at least I think so. I was the kid who’s mom always received notes about how “Ileana is really smart and creative, but doesn’t apply herself because she’s too busy socializing.”

I say all this because the one thing that gave my teachers a headache and has probably annoyed plenty of other people has become somewhat of a tool – my blessing in disguise.

Why do I say this? I say this because my talkative, loud and very persistent self is exactly what is needed to advocate for Giselle. I REFUSE to allow her to fall in the cracks and be forgotten. I REFUSE to be told that she won’t benefit from something that research clearly shows will. My child will get every opportunity in this life to be everything she can be because I will call every person, go to every building and make sure that she is heard and acknowledged.

She is my courage and I am her ROAR!

Now, I still need refinement because I’m far from where I should be. The mouth is a powerful  and dangerous weapon at times. I am aware of this, and my struggle is not allowing my mouth to run away from me. As I ponder about my secret blessings in disguise, I can’t help but think about how when we bring our flaws, insecurities and fears to Jesus, He is powerful enough to make amazing things from it. He is the true transformer of people and what we may see as a flaw, He sees as an opportunity for ministry.

So, basically, I’m not going anywhere. As long as I am here on earth, I will be blogging, sharing and talking. My big mouth has a job to do! My big mouth has given me sense of empowerment in researching and advocating not only for Gisele, but to share with others.

May you be encouraged to use whatever it is in your life as your platform to showcase to the world how good life can really be, even in the midst of uncertainty.

2 thoughts on “Unconventional Blessing # 1

  1. Love it! You’re the perfect mommy for Giselle! And a great example to us moms! I truly admire you! I love your persistence and drive! I have no doubt in my mind that Giselle will continue to make progress and blow everyone’s minds away with all the things she can do. With God nothing is impossible and I pray that Giselle’s story will showcase this very truth! Praying for Gi! 💗

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