My Letter To 2016

Let me start by saying that the “new year, new me” mantra is pretty over-rated.  Quite honestly, every day is a new opportunity for change. You don’t have to over-hype one day out of the ENTIRE year and hold out pursuing change and opportunities because you missed the mark of starting on the 1st.

I don’t know, that’s just me.

But for the sake of entertaining that thought, let’s talk about it. Here’s my letter to 2016.I could list endless things to leave behind or bring into 2016, but here is a snippet, if I had to write it as a letter:

Dear 2016,

You came up way too fast! I had my head in trenches and didn’t even realize the passing of time. I have to say that I am anxiously awaiting your start. I think Giselle as well as the rest of the Sosa clan is excited to put this year behind us.

You see, 2014 was filled a roller coaster of “observations” with Giselle, that brought some false hope. In 2015 we were hit with a ton of bricks – everything from testing, diagnosis, to a million appointments to “figure things out”. Lots of crying, frustration and worry has happened this year and I can pretty much sum up 2015 as one of the most difficult, heart-wrenching years of my entire life to date. Thankfully, we were blessed with gems throughout the year in the form of friendships, providence and so many other little things that softened the blow of this year.

In 2016, things will be different, mostly because they already are. As a family, we welcome you because we come into this year breathing a little easier- as much as we can be. We don’t know everything, and knowing everything has never stopped anyone from going through hardships or difficult seasons. But we come with a renewed perspective that already sets the tone for this year to come.


  • My doubt as a motherAm I good enough? Am I doing enough? That needs to stop! I’m plaguing my own heart in self doubt and by constantly undermining myself. I. AM. ENOUGH.
  • My concern for public opinion. My kid(s) will cry and scream and do all of those things that are beyond my capacity to control. I will no longer care when people give me the “look” of disapproval or question my parenting abilities when my kid is having a difficult time.
  • The idea of what I think our life as a family should look like. It’s a recipe for disaster to dwell some fantasy ideal of what should be. I am exactly where I need to be and the only other option is to continue moving forward.
  • My fear and worries about the future. I need to live in the joys of today and not worry about the burdens of tomorrow.


  • My heart that beats for my family. I love those suckers like crazy 🙂
  • My hopes and dreams, because I refuse to limit life to what can be seen before me.
  • A life that is fueled by joy. I cannot allow myself to be jaded by the hardships of this life.
  • An amazing group of friends – old and new, who help and encourage me, along with calling me out when I’m slipping. I am abundantly thankful for them.
  • The realization that I need to take care of myself before I run myself into the ground.
  • A desire to connect with other families who are walking in a similar journey. There is comfort in not feeling alone.
  • The assurance that God is doing great things in the midst of this hot mess of my life. He is faithful always and forever + infinity.
  • A new perspective, because I choose to only look back long enough to learn from my mistakes and gain wisdom so that I can move forward never looking back again.


So, let’s start this thing! New things Are in store for our family, this blog, my life and everything around me. 2016, see you soon!


The Sosa family <3




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