Learning Moments With My Toddler pt 1

I call this part 1 because I know there will be many more to come.

Children by nature are so accepting and so loving! But in their curious nature they can point things out and begin to make observations about things and people around them.

Vienna is no exception.

At age 4, she is very interested in finding out about everyone and everything. To be honest, she thinks her sister is just a ” little baby” still and doesn’t necessarily realize that her sister has a disability.

We were sitting at church and there was this little girl, probably 12 months or even younger, wobbling around in the courtyard. I thought nothing of it, other than how cute she was!

Vienna on the other hand was like, “MOM!! LOOK! That little baby girl is walking!” I nodded and said “Yeah, she’s walking pretty fast! That’s how you were when you were little!! You were a super walker.”

She looked at me and asked “She’s walking but she’s a little baby like Giselle…why doesn’t Giselle walk?” I finally got it. She was absolutely amazed to see someone so little walking because her sister obviously isn’t (yet).

Of course this isn’t Vienna’s first time seeing little kids walking, but she is growing and becoming more observant, so for whatever reason this little girl stuck out to her.

“Well, Giselle isn’t walking yet because she’s not ready to. That’s why Kim [the therapist]  comes to the house and why Giselle goes to a lot of appointments, so that she can learn to walk one day and do big girl things like you.”

Vienna looked at me as if I had said something silly. “Mommy! Of course Giselle’s gonna walk! We prayed for her, remember?”

BOOM! I was done.

I was so moved by my tiny little person, who apparently has profound insight.

We prayed for Giselle, so therefore, she will walk. It was that simple to Vienna, yet I had somehow complicated things in my head because I had convinced myself that Giselle would walk because of all the therapy we got her into, and as a result of all the hard work we did for her to help her throughout the day.

Although therapy is SO IMPORTANT, it all begins with prayer, and ultimately Giselle is in the hands of God.

Now it makes sense when the Lord asks us to have faith like little children (Matthew 18:3).

As of now, I came to the conclusion that there is no real need for a profound, detailed conversation with Vienna about Giselle. Although she has noticed some differences, she sees her sister as no less. The love Vienna has for her sister has clearly seen right through her disability and I honestly wish more people were like Vienna.





9 thoughts on “Learning Moments With My Toddler pt 1

    1. LoL I don’t want to make you cry, but I did get misty eyed when she told me lol

      Oh and by the way, you didn’t leave your name. You put “someone” so I’m interested who you are … 😏

  1. I had wondered why you called it a learning moment and not a teaching moment, now I realize it’s because she’s teaching us. 🙂 you, my friend are an amazing mother and it shows. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is just absolutely beautiful (as I am typing through my tears!)! Child-like faith, something we all need to strive to have! Thank you for letting us in on these wise, wise words of your precious daughter!

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