Mama, It’s Ok to NOT Be Ok

If I had a penny for every time I’ve said “I’m great!” when I wasn’t, I would own my own island.


Without a doubt.

There’s this perpetual need to always present a put together and fortified version of yourself at all costs – even at the expense of sanity. I’ve been there – done that.

Now, I’m not saying that every time someone asks you how you are doing, you are to divulge every. single. detail. of your life to them. That would be annoying and to be honest, a limited few should have full access to your heart.


But you know the front – whether because it’s been you or someone you know; you know. The mama who’s too scared to ask for help in fear that she’ll be looked down upon by veteran mamas because they don’t seem to be asking for help and their mama never asked for help so THEREFORE she can’t and shouldn’t ask for help.


There’s that mama who feels she missed the train that had all the maternal instincts and feels like she isn’t good enough to do this mom thing on her own.


Oh there’s mamas out there who flip through social media and the world around them who are filled with a combination of judgment and self-pity because they don’t have the life they wanted – the one they dreamed of.


Let me tell you something: It’s ok to NOT be ok.


Authenticity is one of the sweetest gifts to share because through it we can grow. When you are busy hiding and in self-pity you can’t grab on to what has a grab on you and work through it.


There will be days that life will be hard in this mama journey and it’s ok. There is absolutely no shame in not always having the answers. No one was born knowing it all, so cut yourself some slack!


In the same tone of it being ok to NOT be ok, it is NOT ok to stay NOT ok.


Let’s rephrase that: You are having a tough day? Ok! Having feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear are what makes us human. HOWEVER, living in those feelings day in and day out is what makes us prisoners.


I revert back to the idea of authenticity because it’s FREEING to be real and own whatever it is that is holding or stressing you. When we choose to be authentic and throw away the mask of “I know it all – all times” and the front of “I don’t need help ever”, you open your heart to the beautiful gift called community and the opportunity to use your mess as your message for others.


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