Learning Lessons with Vi pt 2

As a big sister who’s only 5 (almost), this is all normal – therapy, doctor’s appointments, and mommy on the phone talking to ‘important people’ as we drive around town running errands…just to name a few things. This is all she knows, but before you start feeling some sort of pity for her I’ll have to stop you! As I have mentioned before, Giselle changed us for the better and that included her sister too!


I’ve shared with those close to me about this particular experience, but I had to put it in writing and share because it was truly darling.


It was time to upgrade Giselle’s smo’s (leg braces) a few weeks back and while we were at the specialist’s office, Vienna noticed a little girl around her age with double leg prosthetics. “What happened to her legs?!?” Vienna practically yelled in this small office waiting room.


Can I say MORTIFYING?!?!


Before I could even respond, the little girl’s father responded hilariously by telling Vienna “She didn’t like her old legs, so she upgraded to these cool ones!” Vienna chuckled but was sort of confused by the response. She looked at the little girl for a  moment and then responded after noticing her sparkly princess shoes, “Cute shoes!”


Vienna has spent most of her life up till now seeing kids ranging from all levels of abilities  and although she recognizes the differences, she doesn’t treat them differently. She sees a child in a wheelchair and admires how fast they can go, she sees a girl with prosthetics and notices her pretty shoes and is busy telling her friends how her sister went to get some new “cute boots” from her doctor.


How I wish more people could be like that! I wish that even though people notice differences, they would be able to see that there is so much more beyond a diagnosis or label. Sure it’s inevitable to notice certain characteristics or physical limitations, but let us be greater than what we see and push beyond to admire the innate beauty in everyone!


I’m telling you, my little 5 year-old may give me headaches with her sassiness, yet here I am getting another life lesson from her. So often the focus is on parents of children with disabilities, yet there is abundant power and an equally important influence in the sibling relationship and it is so beyond evident when I see Vienna and Giselle together. Life ain’t easy, but I’m pretty sure I snagged myself two of the most amazing little girls in the whole world   <3

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