Style of a Tired, Broke Mama

I’m no fashion blogger, but I do wear clothes and I just so happen to have my own blog so what the heck – Let’s talk about some clothes mama-style.


Oversized Tribal Cardigan: Ross $12

Light Denim Dress: Old Navy $10

Beige Suede booties: Target $20

I have 3 Rules to my “fashion”, which I also call the 3 C’s. If I’m going to buy it, it has to be:

  1. CUTE
  3. CHEAP



The word cute is extremely subjective. I HATE the fact that people try to push some fashion agenda down everyone’s throat and like sheep, everyone follows. Sure there are plenty of fashion trends that catch my eye, but there are other trends that  I just refuse to hop on the bandwagon. I guess my biggest thing is, if you LOVE it, then rock it! Don’t let others define what cute is for you. Just DO YOU, BABY BOO!

In terms of what I find to be cute, I LOVE  fun patterns, bold jewelry, and basically anything that can be easily dressed up or down. Versatility is essential! I need to be able to go from play-date to hot-date in a minute if needed!



After something catches my eye, I need to try it on and see how practical it is for my daily life. If you have young babies or toddlers, life is filled with picking stuff up or sitting on the floor, so finding things that won’t be riding up or dropping down is vital. For me, I like to buy clothes that are comfortable enough that in the event that I spontaneously collapse due to motherhood exhaustion, my clothes will be comfortable enough to serve as pajamas. I’m not going to lie…this happens very often and so I can never skip on my need for comfort!

Overall, I dress for the season I am in – which is slightly chaotic, so I need all the range of motion I can get!



I would rather use the word affordable, but that doesn’t start with a C, so here we go. Now, I know for some people price is irrelevant when it comes to good fashion. That’s all good, but I have absolutely no shame in saying that I can’t afford certain stores and regardless of how cute something is, I refuse to starve or live on a tight budget just to be relevant – sorry not me #livewithinyourmeans. If you have the means to spend big – go for it! If you don’t, don’t worry because there’s always a way to make things work!

It needs to be affordable for me because I have bills to pay and priorities ya’ll!  However, I found that if you learn to shop, get a few staple items, and are patient enough to wait for deals, you can look hot on a budget!  I’ve come to love gently used item because you can buy several items (in almost new condition) for the price of one! I don’t know about you, but I get a sales high when I score major deals and it makes it harder and harder each time to buy regularly priced items.




So there you have it! Probably nothing revolutionary, but don’t think for a second that just because you are stuck on a budget or are exhausted with young kids you can’t feel beautiful. Lipstick, learning to up-cycle clothing to make something new (if you know how to sew or are brave enough to hot glue stuff lol), or buying gently used items can really make the difference. It’s not about vanity, but rather finding a way to keep your womanhood throughout the rough years of parenting.


May the clearance sales and discounts be ever in your favor!!


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    1. Thank you!! I save all the cute stuff for Sunday mornings and then go back to my t-shirts and sweats during the week lol

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