Learning Lessons With Vi: The Little Yellow School Bus

It has been a long road trying to get Giselle into school and I feel like I’ve been talking about Giselle “starting school” for what seems like ages now. With delays with her specialized wheelchair, to doctor’s signing paper work off, to trying to balance the upcoming schedule of having 2 kids at 2 different schools during 2 different times- it’s safe to say that my head may just explode from all the chaos.


Vienna has taken particular interest in one thing when it comes to Giselle’s school – the little yellow bus. Once Giselle gets her new specialized chair, she will ride a little yellow school bus that will pick her up and drop her off at our home. When I think  about Giselle and school there’s an uneven mix of anxiousness and excitement. But Vienna – well, she’s just SO thrilled about Giselle’s little yellow school bus that she has made multiple announcements to her class about it (according to her teacher). So much so, that one of her little friends came up to me during pick-up asking if was true that Vienna’s little sister was really going to take a “cool little yellow school bus” to school. She seemed just as excited about the fact that a bus would come to our house and pick Giselle up and that it would have an awesome wheelchair lift so that she can board the bus.


This is everything.


It’s everything because Vienna, just a tiny little kindergartner (the youngest in her class to be exact) has managed to make something that other kids have made fun of in the past into something exciting to her little friends. Once again, this is just more evidence that Vienna is doing an amazing job as a junior advocate in training! It blows my adult brain how she has no clue the big imprint she is making, even if right now it seems small.


Vienna can’t help but talk about her sister sometimes. I believe that it’s propelled by her tender heart that is genuinely excited about all the amazing things her little sister can do and sees beyond her sister’s limitations, which is exactly where I pray her heart will continue to be. Not because we want Vienna to pretend her sister doesn’t have a disability, but because we want her to embrace it and love Giselle for who she is: her little sister.


I know as the years roll on, conversations will become more complex and there will come a time in which Vienna will come to see that not everyone is kind to those who ride the little yellow school bus.  But for now, I am just so abundantly grateful for my chatterbox, ridiculously inquisitive child because she is moving mountains for her little sister and she doesn’t even know it (yet).

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