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Our Orange Socks Interview

Lorenzo and I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Orange Socks for an interview about what life is like raising Giselle. This opportunity was a little nerve-wrecking but we didn’t turn it down because I whole heartedly believe in the power of each person’s story. It was our first interview and although I’m a self-proclaimed extrovert, the nerves crept in the days that led up to our interview. It wasn’t from embarrassment, but it came from the realization of the huge responsibility I have to share our story. This sense of responsibility comes from my deep desire to shatter the current limited focus that only shares the obstacles, rather than explore the picture as a whole – the struggles AND the joys.


I’ve said it a million times, but the narrative that is often portrayed is that life is only valuable when it’s ‘typical’. That life is only beautiful when it isn’t difficult. That life is only worth protecting when genetic testing comes back “within normal limits”. Orange Socks is an organization that I rally behind because they are shattering all of that by showcasing the stories of so many amazing families who have looked at either death or defeat over and over and over again, and STILL press on. They share the stories of misunderstood families who’s greatest limitation is not their child’s diagnosis but societal barriers and conceptions about them. They share the resilience and the capacity of a parent’s love for their child.


We were able to share a little bit about the diagnosing process, what have been our greatest joys and hardships, as well as to give a piece of advice to new parents who find themselves where we were 3 1/2 years ago. We could spend years talking about all the details, so we made sure to keep everything short and sweet. I’m not an expert, but I think that being a mom on a mission has served me well up until now, so we will keep on sharing whenever possible! We are so thankful to Orange Socks for sharing our story and I implore anyone with a child with a diagnosis to head over to listen and connect!


To listen to our full interview click the picture below:

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