Orthotic-Friendly Shoe Review: Converse All Star Easy Slip High Top Sneaker

I wanted to take the time to give a review on a Converse styles shoe that I consider to be an adaptive option. I am a firm believer that kids who wear orthotics should be able to have access to reasonably priced shoes that are also fashionable and functional just like any other kid. This desire doesn’t come from vanity, but from the simple desire for inclusion – and fashion is just one of many way we can get there.

**I have no affiliations to disclose and was not compensated nor prompted by any company to review Converse  products. As always, opinions expressed are 100% my own. Just a regular mom, who found something AMAZING that I want to share with others **

I’ll begin by saying that this option has been difficult to find and is not sold at most local Converse retail stores, which is a real downside. I personally came across this style at an outlet store. It is available on various websites, but unfortunately I have experienced limited options of colors and sizes offered.


Orthotics Tip 101:

REMOVE THE INSOLES to give more room for the orthotic. All the support your child’s feet need are in the orthotic so anything else just gets in the way of a perfect fit.


The Converse Kids’ Chuck Taylor All Star Easy Slip High Top Sneaker’s  main feature is the velcro back that completely opens up to allow the orthotic to go in much easier. Also, instead of laces, the Easy Slip High Tops use elastic laces, which cuts out the need to have to re-tie laces.



The rule of thumb that we have used when we purchase Converse shoes is to purchase them 1-1/2 bigger than Giselle’s foot is WITHOUT her orthotics. So far this has worked out for us, but I always steer on the side of caution, so we always try on shoes before purchasing. Obviously different brands of shoes run differently so you may need to go another size up if needed.


Overall I think this style is a fantastic option for orthotics. I’ve come to realize so far in looking for shoes that:

  1. High tops seem to have the best fit.
  2. I personally prefer elastic or regular laces over velcro among non-orthotic specific shoes because it allows for more room and a better closure, but the convenience of velcro is undeniable.


If you have any shoes that have worked for you, I’d love for you to share and let me know! Let’s get this information circulating so we can cut down the hassle of finding shoes for our kiddos with orthotics!






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