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CP Awareness: Christina + Finley

With nearly 87k followers on Instagram, there’s no denying the impact Christina and Finley are making by using social media as a platform to change the way people view open adoption, inclusive fashion and cerebral palsy. Christina is an amazing mama who doesn’t let anything stand in the way of make sure Finley gets access to what she needs. Currently, Finley is several months post-op from a life changing surgery, known as SDR, that is helping Finley take independent steps, which is being documented over on their Instagram account!

It’s a remarkable thing to see so many people from around the world, rally behind this beautiful family, so it’s a real pleasure to be able to share a little bit about their story here. 


1). There is a lot of learning when you become a parent to a child with cerebral palsy. What’s one thing you have learned?

I have learned that above all else, there is so much in life to celebrate. That words don’t define people, and that happiness isn’t merely a set of experiences. I’ve learned that perspective is everything.


2). Life wouldn’t be life without its ups and downs? What have been your highs and lows?

The lows are of the negative days where your child is in more pain, struggling and frustrated. When those feelings of defeat creep in. The highs are when a milestone is achieved or receiving good news from the Doctor. But as far as highs and lows of parenting in general, I would say we have more highs than lows!


3). There are lots of misconceptions about special need parents/children. What’s one thing you wish everyone knew, or something you wish people would stop asking/saying?

That we are sensitive. I feel like more often than not I even assume that a fellow special needs parent will be extra sensitive to something, and they just laugh or repeat back to me something louder and more to the point! So if anything it’s taught me how to be straight up with people, which I am loving.


4). There are parents who have a child with a disability who are just starting out on this journey and are scared, feeling hopeless, and don’t know what the future holds. What’s a piece of advice you would share with them?

It’s like moving to a new country. It will take time to “feel” normal and learn to speak the language and figure out your place in this new home, there will be lonely days and there will be days you are so excited to make a new friend who understands- soon you will have a new normal and it will get easier!


I want to thank Christina for the opportunity to share a brief part of her life with Finley. I am very honored to follow a family from my hometown, who are taking the world by storm one dance party at a time! To follow their story and to get to know more about their story you can check them out over on IG + FB @fifiandmo 

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