How To Create A Record Keeping Binder (Special Needs)

Are you Are You Flooded with paperwork? Are you tired of answering the same questions over and over again? Do you want to find a way to get everything in one place? Do you feel like there’s just NO HOPE!


*insert dramatic music*


Well, welcome to where I was not too long ago! Hopefully I can help by sharing what has worked for us. I want to share with you how I created a binder for my daughter and how it’s helped me!



  1. I realized that I alone am a walking encyclopedia for my child and that in the event that something were to happen to me, I would take all of that precious information with me.  I want to make sure that all of that information sitting in my brain can be accessed in a tangible way.

2. Organization = less stress = more confidence = more efficient = better advocate !

3. I was already filling out the same pages of info multiple times over. Why not create my own documents to save time?



  1. 1″ 3-ring binder
  2. Index dividers w/ pockets
  3. Paper protectors
  4. Highlighter
  5. Printer/ink
  6. Templates from Blooming Homestead
  7. Microsoft Word



This is where you can customize to your needs, but here is my table of contents to get you started:

  1. Medical
  2. School
  3. Therapy
  4. Outside Services
  5. <Blank> so when something new comes up I can add it to the binder
  6. Call Logs




(*These section requires creating a Word document that details all of your child’s medical information)

  • Short bio of your child (a resume-like doc that’s simple, personal and concise about your child) *


  • Medical history: Medical record number, insurance info, diagnosis, recent height weight, known allergies, medications.*


  • Medical team : Name, address, phone number of primary doctor and specialists.*


  • Medical tests/procedures & equipment: Date (month/year) of procedure performed and/or equipment received.*


  • Goals and progress: Make a list of milestones reached with date (month/year) to the best of your ability. *


  • Medical reports, lab results, and recent immunizations.




  • School info : school name, address, teacher’s name, important staff names, room number, bus route, bus drivers, ect


  • Daily class schedule (request one from teacher)


  • Most recent IEP and individual assessment reports


  • Recent progress reports



  • Name, address, phone number of all therapy locations and therapists.


  • Copies of recent assessments


  • Referral approval (if applicable)


  • Brochures, therapy policy and procedures




  • Leave an open tab available so  when more services or information needs to be added to binder.


Call Logs

(SUPER important in order to keep track of all important conversations) 

  • A directory of any additional service coordinators, vendors, ect.


  • Call log template for each area: School, therapy, each specific service, equipment vendor, ect.



  • Make sure to scan important information in the event that something happens to your binder and also back up all Word documents to an external hard drive or email them to yourself so that you always have access to your child’s information even if you don’t have your binder.
  • Creating this binder will take some time, but start somewhere!
  • There are a million different ways to create a binder, so add whatever you need in order to make it practical for you! Then when you’re all done share it with others!



Hopefully I was able to simplify it for you and give you a starting point on how to create your own. Remember, it doesn’t have to be fancy but it needs to be something that is  practical and that has your child’s information on hand when needed.

The possibilities are endless and finding ways to make your life easier are always awesome! I have added links below so that you can use the templates I have used for my binder, but you can totally find or create your own!


************* (((( Click HERE to see a FULL VIDEO  tutorial on how I created this binder )))) *************

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