*(tees from Littlest Warrior Apparel)

My name is Ileana and I am the voice behind the blog. I want to take the time to introduce my family: My husband, Lorenzo + our two daughters, Vienna & Giselle. 

The Special Life of Us is a blog that was created as a personal outlet and an opportunity to hopefully connect with other parents who find themselves trying to navigate through life post their child’s diagnosis. It was an opportunity to share honestly about my personal motherhood journey, how microcephaly and cerebral palsy changed how I viewed the world, and how God is still at work even during what may seem like an impossible situation.

Although my family is not “special” in they traditional sense, our life as a family is special because regardless of abilities or diagnoses, life is a special gift to be embraced and joyfully treasured. I hope that through this blog, families can find hope and realize that everyday is a special opportunity to rise above adversity and choose joy.

This just happens to be our story <3

Bloom wherever you are planted